Whether you are getting married at Edgewood, Sunnyside, The Hyatt, Plumpjack, Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley, Granlibakken, The Chateau, Zephyr Cove, West Shore Café, Northstar, The Ritz, Heavenly or anywhere else in Lake Tahoe you need a Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer. These venues each have their own distinct lighting tricks and knowing them produces wonderful results.


Most of the summer the sun is direct with very little clouds. A Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer is prepared for this condition as well as dealing with the harsh filtered light between the trees. Flashes, reflectors, strobes and different lighting techniques all play a huge role in how to shoot successfully in Lake Tahoe.


Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer


If you are insistent on brining someone in from out of town make sure that they have a clear understanding of the following principal. If you are getting married on the west shore or anywhere west on the lake, the sun will be gone a couple hours before it actually sets. If the ceremony is at sunset and you are getting married on the west shore this will make it so you will be in flat light while behind you is a very bright background light. This is a tricky situation to get beautiful imagery in. A bride and groom will be less saturated and the background will be much brighter and more saturated. For a Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer this is a lighting situation that you shoot every week of the summer and fall.


If your venue is on the east shore the light will be very direct for much longer. You will have about 1- 1.5 more hours of direct sunlight more than the west shore and the light will change very quickly from direct to behind the mountains.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Lastly, there will be about a 15-30 minute period from when the sun goes behind the mountain until the color may or may not pop in the sky. Typically, in the hot summer months there are no clouds in the sky so there isn’t much color in the sunset. There is however a beautiful alpenglow of blue, pink and purple.


Tahoe is an absolutely stunning place to get married no matter what venue you choose. Knowing and predicting the flow of light before you even get to the venue is the key to great success. Trust a Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer with experience.